Why In Argentina?

Exelent quality/ cost balance

Highly educated programmers – 7 Argentine universities ranked among the top 50 in Latin America )

English proficiency ( Highest english level in latin amercia , currently 15th place in the global ranking)

Convinient time zone. Argentina is only 1 hour ahead of the US East Coast and only 5 hours behind Central Europe

Similar culture and flexibility to solve any kind of problem fast ( The Western culture has an affinity with the cultures of Europe and the US. )

Our Services

Software outsourcing

01 Contact

Our commercial team will make contact and together with our clients we will determine several key factors such us : goals and objectives of the project, time, amount of people needed, seniority and payment issues. In conjuction with our clients we will agree an estimated budget for this specific project.

02 Profile review

Our team of “RECRUITERS” will review every position needed for the project: skills, soft skills and language profficiency. We will also test every aspect of the candidates personality throught specific computer tests.

03 Introducing our candidates

Our highly trained team will elaborate a detailed review of the candidates and will introduce them to our client.

04 Candidates aproval

Once the candidates are chosen by our clients , we will take care of all the legal aspects of the Argentinian law and they will be ready to work on the established date. Depending on the requierments of our clients they can work in our own offices or in a remote way. We have offices in 12 different argentinian locations.

05 Billing

The first week of every month we will pay our collaborators their salaries and send the bill to our clients.

Hiring Warranty

CdE IT will not charge any extra fee from the agreed budget. This will be an hourly based fee. If the candidate does not addapt to the clients requierment we will search and present another candidate for free.

Why CdE-IT?


At Consultores de Empresas we adopted 4.0 Recruitment processes in order to guarantee greater efficiency and personalization in employees selections.
To achieve it, we implement the following instances:

We work together with our clients to define the job, the professional profile and the technical skills required.

We post the job opportunity on our website, and at that time we start recruiting in our own database.

First communication with the candidate, telling them about the job, proyect, requirements and skills.

Our specialists conduct an interview with the candidate, in order to detect and evaluate:



Motivation and goals


Previous work experiences

Studies and specializations

Technical knowledge

Programming languages

Job skills

Salary expectations

We also inform the candidate about the company’s culture, scope of the role, hiring and working conditions.

We use our specialized plataforms called Central Test and Evalart IT Tests, to get to know the candidates strengths, weaknesses, skills, emotional intelligence, IQ and technical skills. We will administrate tests that we previously agree with our clients. (the available tests are attached).

We provide psycho-technical examinations.

We accompany the final offer with a work agreement.

Legal Medical Exam.

Selection warranty

CdE IT can search for the candidate you need. Once the procces is done our client can hire directly the candidate. In this case we offer a 60 day guarantee in case this person does not adapt to your requierments.

Why CdE-IT?

Why CdE IT?

We are experts in searching and hiring the best people for the job. All our staff is hired by ISO norms 9001-2015 allowing us to get the top 1% talent in the market. We can put this people to work directly in your projects making you focus on your core bussiness while we do the rest. We have the means necessaries to get a solid engeenering team working in 10 days.

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They trust us

About Us:

We are an argentinian IT firm with more than 15 years providing IT solutions to our partners.

Our Mission

We discover peoples talents and we connect them to great companies in a way that the synergy benefits us both

Our Vision

Provide a fast , innovative , and affordable it solution for our partners , allowing them to focus only in their core bussines

Our Values

Its the hability to love what we do , celebrate our success , have fun and enjoy our working environment.

Its the passion to serve and help others. We treat each other with respect and attention. It is the capacity to priorize the interest of people with whom we relate.

Its the strong will to fulfill the mission, the vission, and the result. In this way its a win-win situation for everybody : our clients , our staff and our community.

It is to offer our creativity to obtain new solutions that generate greater well-being in our clients and work teams.


These are the most searched profiles, but we can search the specific ones you need


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, BootStrap, Angular, React and others.


PHP, Java, .NET, Phyton, SQL, NoSQL and others.


Amazon, Azure, Docker, Atlassian, Jenkins and others


Selenium, Appium, JMeter, Jenkins, Mantis and others


Android SDK, IOS SDK, PhoneGap and others.


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